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Quality Zipper promises you an endless selection of YKK products,
at the very lowest prices anywhere, with the best and fastest service possible!


Ordering zippers has never been this easy!




This simple order form contains every inventory item we currently have in stock. Follow these easy steps and ordering will be very simple.
  1. Begin by filling out the customer information section on the very top of the form
    • Customer number is not required unless you have open account billing
    • If you wish to receive shipping/tracking updates on your order please make sure to enter your email address.
  2. Order the items you want to purchase. The order form is organized into sections of similar products just like our paper Price List/Order Form.
    • You will see a list of categories to order from. Every item we stock is listed within these categories. When the category is chosen all the items within that category will open and there you will be able to order items within that category. Keep choosing the categories you wish to order from. Every category you choose is displayed. If you need, you can re-open and close the chosen categories with the plus and minus buttons.
    • Begin ordering by entering the quantity you want to purchase in each specific item box. As you enter the numbers in each box, totals for each item are calculated for you. A merchandise total is calculated at the bottom of the form for all of your purchases.
    • Quantity discounts are built into this form. Most items have 2 or 3 price breaks which are displayed in the columns to the right. You can choose your discounted price and save by ordering larger quantities of that item.
    • Below each inventory item you can click on the VIEW CATALOG DESCRIPTION to see information specific to that item taken directly from our online catalog. In addition, for most items, there is a VIEW PRODUCT IMAGE that you can click on to view a picture of that exact item.
  3. Enter your payment information in the purple section at the bottom of the form. Our credit card processing is 100% secure so absolutely no worries. In addition, we do not store any information entered on this form in any type of data base so no worries there as well. THIS ORDER FORM IS 100% SECURE.
  4. Use the message/feedback box at the bottom of the order form for any special requests or shipping instructions or to place special orders that we do not stock. Any type of feedback is welcome so please feel free to add comments as you wish here.
  5. Remember to check the terms and service agreement box below the comments section.
  6. Click the PLACE MY ORDER button at the very bottom and the order is sent directly to us. You may get an error message if you did not fill out any of the required information. If you do get an error message, fill out the missing required information and click the PLACE MY ORDER button again.
  7. Free shipping is offered for all orders over $200. Please contact us if you would like faster shipping terms such as next day air and we will quote you rates for that.
Special Orders
CUSTOMER INFORMATION Customer # (only required for open account customers):       Business Name:
Note: It is 2 letters followed by 3 digits (no spaces e.g. AB123)

Contact Person:       Title:

Address:   City:   State:   Zip Code:
Check this box if you want to use the same address for shipping and uncheck it to enter a separate shipping address.

Ship To:   City:   State:   Zip Code:

Phone:     Email:
To open the category you have chosen and choose items to order,
click on the symbol; to close that category click on the symbol.

You have made the right choice to buy YKK zippers online from us. This online order form makes it simple to buy zippers online.We make ordering zippers easy!